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Dress-ups, virtual sleepovers and a four-legged friend: Kids talk about life in lockdown

How have young people coped with lockdown? We asked a group of kids from around the world to talk about their experiences. Watch the video here, the first in a two-part series of Kids in Lockdown.


Should I take a gap year? Things to consider

COVID-19 has thrown up challenges for those taking a gap year or planning one next year. Careers expert Helen Green discusses the things your teenager needs to consider, and the opportunities offered by taking a year away from study.


Best of the Web: How we hold back our children by protecting them from struggle, why all schools need Indigenous educators, and more…

Letting our kids experience struggle to become better people, World Vision's plan to help students understand Indigenous culture, how lockdown let us see our kids as students, and why we should dial back after-school activities.


Our super list of great ideas for kids at home: Winter holiday edition

Engage with Koori culture, NGV activities, must-listen podcasts for tweens and teens - all on our super list of home-based activities for kids of all ages.


A message of Hope from Paul Kelly to our young poets

We asked the legendary singer, songwriter and poet Paul Kelly to send a message to young poets for our Student Poetry Competition. Watch Paul's video, and be inspired.


Away with words: Life in the scoreboard

We’re publishing book extracts to give you a break in these trying times. Peter Newlinds is one of Australia’s best known sports broadcaster. In this extract from his book Around the Grounds, published by Bad Apple Press, Peter remembers a school holiday job made for a sports-mad teenager – part of the ground staff at cricket Test matches.


Michael Grose: Forget the parenting rule book, and create your own

Our life in the family cocoon gives parents a chance to rethink their old habits, writes leading parent educator Michael Grose.


Home, but not alone: Give yourself a break, the kids will be alright

With learning from home in full swing, Ruairi O'Duil reflects on his accidental membership of the Good Parent Club, and has some reassurance for other parents who might be worried they are not getting it right.


How to help Year 12 students get through a tough year

Keeping a routine, maintaining perspective, and staying connected - these are some of the ideas from University of Melbourne experts for families to support their Year 12 students, writes Joe Sullivan.