Understanding bullying: How to support your child

Bullying, whether in school, online, or among friends, can deeply affect your child's well-being. Here, Dr Deborah Trengove explores the types of bullying your child might encounter, and equips you with practical strategies to identify and address them.


There’s a Bully in My Brain: A book review

Sometimes, our inner voice can become too negative. Natalie Moutafis has found a new picture book that seeks to quiet that self-doubt and encourage more positive thinking.


Is your child being bullied? How parents can help

Bullying is not normal behaviour at school and can have long-lasting effects, writes Mandie Shean. She gives strategies for parents to support a child who is a victim of bullying.


Top 10 child health problems: What Australian parents think

A recent RCH National Child Health Poll found that excessive screen time was the number one child health concern, with 57 per cent of Australian parents rating it as a big problem.


Best of the Web: Three ways families can restore their digital health, and more

A new study confirms our overuse of screens, the impact of ultra-thin dolls on kids' body image, and using business skills to improve your parenting time.


Best of the Web: 10 tiny mindfulness habits to try with your family, and more

Find family peace with bite-sized mindfulness ideas, beating the bullies and changing lives, and what's the right age for kids to be home alone.


Best of the Web: How to raise kids who can overcome anxiety, and more

Watch a TED Talk on encouraging kids with anxiety to take risks and engage, Australia's anti-bullying day, and getting kids to ask more questions.


‘Thank you for saving my life’: Empowering kids to stymie harm

An online platform where students can anonymously report harmful behaviour is having a profound impact, writes Peter Hanlon. He speaks to Stymie founder Rachel Downie.


Virtual Childhoods: Download your free ebook on keeping kids safe online

Our children are online more than ever, with some experiencing almost virtual childhoods. Parenting educator Caroline Ellen has produced a free ebook, available here, to help guard our young people's online safety.