The handbooks for High School Success

High school students encounter a range of unique challenges, but a growing series of books is stepping in to provide them with the essential tools for academic success and personal growth.


ATAR surprise? Here’s what to consider

What should you do if your child's ATAR is higher or lower than expected? Careers expert Helen Green offers tips and suggestions


How to manage exam season

Final school exams are typically seen as a very intense period of preparation. But it is also important to rest during this time if you want to maximise your performance, writes Paul Ginns.


How to survive and thrive in exams, from Andrew Fuller

Leading clinical psychologist Andrew Fuller provides strategies for students to cope with exam anxiety and perform at their best, in one of his most popular articles on The Parents Website.


So you want to be…a sound designer or voice over artist

In the next instalment of our series, 'So you want to be...' Natalie Moutafis speaks with Dan Brumm, commercial and animation voice over and the sound designer for the multi-award winning Bluey.


How your child’s maths education might be very different from yours

‘Why would they change maths?’ Teachers today teach very differently from when parents were at school, write Benjamin Zunica, Bronwyn Reid O’Connor and Eddie Woo.


5 reasons kids still need to learn handwriting

Handwriting is not just about forming letters, write Lucinda McKnight and Maria Nicholas. It also develops fine motor skills, helps with memory and even wellbeing – so AI has not made it redundant.


Why meditation should be taught in schools

There is a strong case for teaching meditation in schools, with studies showing it delivers benefits for students in many areas, writes Lea Waters.


My child is throwing away their education, from Dr Justin Coulson

What should you do if your senior student isn't engaged in their studies? In this extract from his new book, parenting expert Dr Justin Coulson explains how a 'need-supportive' approach can help.