Our one-stop guide to family resources on The Parents Website

Looking for learning at home tips, and support for family life and wellbeing? Here's a one-stop guide to all the resources we've published. We'll be adding more as we go.


Remote learning 2.0 – how this time, we’re doing better

The return to learning at home has been a big challenge, but as Peter Hanlon writes, the lessons learned are helping teachers and students, and opening up new ways of thinking about education.


Home, not alone: Relaunch

Here we go again. Back in lockdown, Ruairi O'Duil reflects on how this time, we'll be better.


Best of the Web: Watch this beautiful children’s story from Melbourne on how humanity is shining through our Windows

A new children's digital book to inspire all of us, three tips on surviving Lockdown 2.0, and how we can take the pressure off parents.


My amygdala is named Petal: A book review

Kids can do amazing things with the right information. Understanding why anxiety feels the way it does and where the physical symptoms come from are powerful steps in turning it around, writes Natalie Moutafis, in this review of the children's book, Hey Warrior.


Best of the Web: Hamish Blake opens up about mental health, in a must-see video for teenagers

Powerful monologues by Hamish Blake and others as part of an ABC series on mental health, educating students about 'fake news', teaching kids not to fear everything during COVID-19, and how pandemic journals can help.


Lamingtons, Lego and inspiring others: Kids in Lockdown, part two

What will young people remember about the past few months, and what advice do they have for a second wave? We asked a group of kids from around the world to talk about their experiences. Watch the video here, the second in a two-part series of Kids in Lockdown.


Resilience, commitment and hard work: how teachers are meeting the challenge in these strange times

Principal Jim Laussen has watched his teaching staff rise to the challenges of the COVID crisis. He's emboldened by what he's seen, writes Peter Hanlon.


Maggie Dent’s best tips for parents of teens

It's a bumpy journey for teenagers making their way into adulthood. Maggie Dent, one of Australia's leading parenting educators, gives parents a list of ideas and strategies to help.