‘Watch the ball!’: why sideline remarks are less helpful to kids than you think

It’s hard not to shout guidance at kids’ sports games. But there are ways to do this without pressuring or criticising your child, writes Elise Waghorn.


Can an unhealthy breakfast have a similar effect on your child’s school day as having nothing at all?

New research from educational psychology researchers looked at what impact breakfast has on students' motivation to learn and their academic achievement.


How can parents talk to their kids about distressing news events, and help them feel safe?

Your child might have seen traumatic news coverage on television or social media, or they may have heard about it from friends. Here, psychologists share how parents can discuss such events with their children.


The alphabet, but make it better!

Teaching morals and ethics to young children can be tricky. Natalie Moutafis has discovered a new picture book that teaches us about positive qualities and encourages children to grow in their mindset.


Reviving your parenting mojo, from Andrew Fuller

Parenting can be a rollercoaster, and you may sometimes want to take a breather. Here, clinical psychologist and family therapist Andrew Fuller shares how parents can rediscover the joy by looking after themselves.


Screen time doesn’t have to be sedentary: 3 ways it can get kids moving

We tend to think that when children are using screens, they are passive or still. Here, researchers explore how screens can help keep kids physically active.


No more BMI, diets or ‘bad’ foods: why changing how we teach kids about weight and nutrition is long overdue

Clinical psychologist Vivienne Lewis, who treats young people with eating disorders, gives her verdict on changes to the Australian curriculum designed to prevent these health conditions from developing.


‘Come on, let’s go!’ Helping kids find joy in physical activity

When it’s difficult to engage children in sports or active play, Dr Tara FitzGerald, Dr Free Coulston, Dr Kate Cameron, Dr Tandy Hastings-Ison and Dr Rachel Toovey have some ideas to help get kids moving, whatever their ability.


2024 Webinars for parents and carers, from eSafety

Learn how to support your children to have safe online experiences in a free live webinar from the eSafety Commissioner.