Home, not alone: Snap back to reality

For our children and for us, reality has appeared to be constantly shifting during the pandemic, writes Ruairi O'Duil. Our challenge is to remember to find purpose and happiness in life as it actually is.


Parenting podcasts you should hear

Are you a parent or carer facing your next parenting challenge? If you haven't yet discovered parenting podcasts, we've created this list as a great starting point. These podcasts are loaded with practical tips and often a much-needed laugh, or cry!


Leaving the Bubble, Take Two

The return to the classroom is a big relief, but many students will need support. Peter Hanlon talks to the experts about how parents can help kids make the adjustment.


Michael Grose: Strategies to help kids beat anxiety in the pandemic

Parenting expert Michael Grose offers ideas to help parents support their children who are experiencing anxiety brought on by the pandemic. It's an opportunity, he says, to help them develop resilience.


Andrew Fuller: How to get your child’s learning mojo back after this ‘year of fear’

The leading adolescent psychologist inspired parents and carers during our latest webinar with his insights and ideas to help reignite our children's passion for learning. He summarises his main points in this article.


Missing the good stuff: Helping the Class of 2020 through a very different year

As Year 12 students prepare to return to the classroom, Peter Hanlon looks at how compassion and understanding have been important in supporting the Class of 2020.


Andrew Fuller: How to study and increase your marks

Ahead of the exam season, leading adolescent psychologist Andrew Fuller gives his top tips to help students get the most out of their study time.


Best of the Web: Books to encourage reluctant readers, taming ‘dad anger’, and more…

Maggie Dent's list of books to get kids reading, how one dad took action to control his temper, and how lockdown is resulting in more kids getting mental health support.


Best of the Web: Frank Woodley’s story time tips for Dads, and more on being a father

Frank Woodley shows Dads how to put the oomph into story time in a fun video, the importance of raising courageous kids, and finding your sense of purpose as a father.