Cultivating a sense of awe and wonder in children

The world is full of awe and wonder, you just need to know where to look for it. Here, ISV's Diane Bourke explains the benefits of awe-inducing experiences, and how parents can unlock the magic for their children, and themselves.


Children produce better pieces of writing by hand, but they need keyboard skills too

It is easy to assume students will be able to write easily and effectively using a keyboard. They are growing up surrounded by technology. But here, researchers explain that children write better by hand.


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The alphabet, but make it better!

Teaching morals and ethics to young children can be tricky. Natalie Moutafis has discovered a new picture book that teaches us about positive qualities and encourages children to grow in their mindset.


What to do when your child doesn’t like handwriting

Putting pencil to paper isn't easy for all children. Diane Bourke shares her advice on how parents can encourage children to find the fun in handwriting.


Screen time doesn’t have to be sedentary: 3 ways it can get kids moving

We tend to think that when children are using screens, they are passive or still. Here, researchers explore how screens can help keep kids physically active.


No more BMI, diets or ‘bad’ foods: why changing how we teach kids about weight and nutrition is long overdue

Clinical psychologist Vivienne Lewis, who treats young people with eating disorders, gives her verdict on changes to the Australian curriculum designed to prevent these health conditions from developing.


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