ISV’s Student Poetry Competition: And the winners are…

The winning poems in the annual Student Poetry Competition run by Independent Schools Victoria have been drawn from close to 600 entries from schools across the state.

Many of the winning poems, totalling well over 100,000 words from students ranging from Foundation to Year 12, focussed on the optional theme of ‘journeys’.

In a media release announcing the winners, ISV Chief Executive Michelle Green said this year’s record number of entries confirmed the popularity of poetry among young people.

‘It’s further evidence that students embrace the arts when it’s an integral part of the school curriculum,’ Ms Green said.

Read the written entries, watch the winning performance poems and find out which students received honourable mentions via the links below.

Foundation – Year 2

Written Poetry
‘The Friendship Journey’, by Mia Chen, Wesley College
‘Holding On’, by Georgia Stuckey, Harkaway Hills College

Explore the Foundation – Year 2 entries

Year 3 – 4

Written Poetry
‘Autumn is Come’, by Claerwen Watkins, Geelong Grammar
‘Mother’, by Mia Healey, Strathcona Girls Grammar School

Performance Poetry
‘In The Car With Mum’, by Mateusz Stankiewicz, Plenty Valley Christian College
‘The Australian Journey’, by Naushali Navaratne, Harkaway Hills College

Explore the Year 3 – 4 entries

Year 5 – 6

Written Poetry
‘Little Blue’s Beginning’, by Zaid Zuhair, Fitra Community School
‘My Greek BIG Grandfather Who Came from There to Here’, by Maverick Lawrence-Politis, Penleigh & Essendon Grammar School
‘Whispers of Childhood’, by Scarlette Wong, St Margaret’s Berwick Grammar

Performance Poetry
‘A Simple Guide to Taking a Successful Journey’, by Millie Daniel, Woodleigh School

Explore the Year 5 – 6 entries

Year 7 – 8

Written Poetry
‘Online Friends’, by Pippa L O’Connor, Ballarat Grammar School
‘Listen to the Music’, by Sebastian De Marte, Christian College Geelong

Performance Poetry
‘The Man on The Steering Wheel’, by Aurelia Cabrera, The Knox School
‘A Voice’, by Charlie Russo, Woodleigh School
‘Journey Thus Far’, by Grace Sudjono, Harkaway Hills College

Explore the Year 7 – 8 entries

Year 9 – 10

Written Poetry
‘I’m Confused. Who am I?’, by Arooj Bilal, Sirius College
‘What Have We Done?’ by Ally Russo, Balcombe Grammar School

Performance Poetry
‘Wrong My Rights’, by Katherine Lam, Presbyterian Ladies’ College Melbourne

Explore the Year 9 – 10 entries

Year 11 – 12

Written Poetry
‘May’, by Lotus Das-Hyland, Lauriston Girls’ School
‘The Death of The Sun – Part 2’, by Marianna Mossonidis, Penleigh & Essendon Grammar School
‘Ouroboros’, by Jasmyn Carr, Penleigh & Essendon Grammar School

Explore the Year 11 – 12 entries

A journey through the years

According to this year’s judges, ‘the joy of discovering often breathtaking poetry has been an enormous thrill.’

Now in its fourth year, the Student Poetry Competition has established itself as an annual highlight of ISV’s arts learning program and reflects our long-standing commitment to the arts as an integral part of school education.

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