The place of consequences in positive discipline

When teaching our children about consequences, the aim is to set clear boundaries based on family values and expectations. Here, Dr Deborah Trengove shares advice on how parents can use positive discipline in their parenting toolkit.


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How bush kinder teaches children to be organised and prepared, an experiment in free-to-air TV, and the inappropriate games kids play.


Helping girls regain their confidence and motivation, from Andrew Fuller

How can we help our girls and young women hurt by the pandemic? Clinical psychologist and family therapist Andrew Fuller explores what's happened in their lives – and how they can recover.


Finding harmony: Making music together builds resilience in kids

Being part of a choir, band or orchestra helps kids develop more than just musical skills, write William James Baker, Anne-Marie Forbes and Kim McLeod.


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The advantages of being flexible like a jellyfish, the benefit of ‘risky’ playgrounds, and how mud boosts immune systems.


Managing unwanted change: Strategies from a psychologist

The closure of the Colmont School has triggered many emotions for the school community. Psychologist Emma-Rose Parsons suggests strategies to deal with the upheaval.


A parent guide to the language of wellbeing

Wellbeing, SEL, mental health are just some terms that our young people are more familiar with than we ever were, writes Lucy Barrat. She explains the differences in this handy glossary.


Building Resilience in Turbulent Times, from Andrew Fuller

If you missed Andrew Fuller's webinar on building resilience in turbulent times, here's his downloadable tip sheet on how parents can support their children.


My Tiny Humans: Learning to do hard things

With the start of the school year, Natalie Moutafis assumed it would be all about beginning prep - she soon realised it was also about the littlest one learning to do hard things.