Managing unwanted change: Strategies from a psychologist

The closure of the Colmont School has triggered many emotions for the school community. Psychologist Emma-Rose Parsons suggests strategies to deal with the upheaval.


A parent guide to the language of wellbeing

Wellbeing, SEL, mental health are just some terms that our young people are more familiar with than we ever were, writes Lucy Barrat. She explains the differences in this handy glossary.


Building Resilience in Turbulent Times, from Andrew Fuller

If you missed Andrew Fuller's webinar on building resilience in turbulent times, here's his downloadable tip sheet on how parents can support their children.


My Tiny Humans: Learning to do hard things

With the start of the school year, Natalie Moutafis assumed it would be all about beginning prep - she soon realised it was also about the littlest one learning to do hard things.


Best of the Web: The Class of 2021: Giving it their best, and more

How our Year 12 students made it through, a different view on the impact of social media on teens, and the Secret Santa grandparents who helped struggling families.


Best of the Web: TED’s inspiring holiday book list, the day the school saved my son’s life, and more…

TED's list of 68 books to inspire, a moving account of how quick-thinking school staff saved a boy's life, and helping the class of 2020 meet life's challenges.


How to help our kids master disappointment – Maggie Dent

We've all experienced the disappointments of this year – including our kids. Leading parenting educator Maggie Dent has some great advice to help our children build their 'disappointment smarts'.


Our Grade 6s: Ready to step up

Our Grade 6 students have missed out on many of the experiences of being the 'big kids' at primary school. But as Peter Hanlon discovers, they have also learnt some valuable life lessons.


Michael Grose: How to encourage kids to be resilient problem-solvers

If we want our children to grow into resilient adults, we need to stop solving their problems for them. Parenting educator Michael Grose gives his tips to help make kids courageous problem-solvers.