The Children in the Pictures: The doco I didn’t want to watch

A powerful and confronting new documentary sheds light on the grim world of online child sexual exploitation. As Natalie Moutafis reports, it's a must-watch for any parent, carer and educator .


Talking to kids about Cleo Smith

The news has been dominated by the disappearance and rescue of Cleo Smith. Here are some resources to help talk to your children about what's happened.


Keeping our kids safe: Day for Daniel

Day for Daniel honours the memory of young Daniel Morcombe, abducted and tragically murdered in 2003. The Daniel Morcombe Foundation tells us about its work promoting child safety, and how parents can get involved.


Best of the Web: Let’s rethink Year 12, and more…

Reshaping Year 12 with the best aspects of remote learning, the magic of the Bluey soundtrack explained, and a worrying report from the eSafety Commissioner about online abuse of young people.


Explore The Parents Website Webinars

Find out about our webinar series for parents, and catch up on previous webinars.


Best of the Web: What to do when your child encounters online porn, coping with uncertainty, and the delights of storytime

Expert advice for parents when their child encounters pornography online, strategies to live in our uncertain world, and the joy when little ones discover books.


10 children’s books on the ABCs: Anatomy, Boundaries and Consent

Literacy isn't the only type of ABC for young children to learn – now, more than ever, understanding Anatomy, Boundaries and Consent is increasingly important for children to have the tools and language on these topics.


Virtual Childhoods: Download your free ebook on keeping kids safe online

Our children are online more than ever, with some experiencing almost virtual childhoods. Parenting educator Caroline Ellen has produced a free ebook, available here, to help guard our young people's online safety.


Best of the Web: Celebrating Fierce Girls, how a film is turning teens off social media, and the damage gossip can do to kids

The ABC's Fierce Girls podcasts made by girls celebrating their heroes, a documentary that's provoking a rethink on social media use, and how to stop mean gossip among young people.