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If you missed any of our webinars, you’ll find links below to full recordings, or articles and resources summarising the main points.

Teenage brain - Dr Jared Cooney Horvath

A tour through the teenage brain: supporting our teens

(Full video recording from 26 August 2021 webinar)

Consent - presented by Elephant Ed

How to talk with kids about consent: Top 5 strategies for parents

(Summary article from 14 and 28 May 2021 webinars)

Positive body image - Dr Zali Yager

How we can promote positive body image with tweens and teens

(Full video recording from 10 March 2021 webinar)

Tricky behaviours, supporting VCE students, getting your child's learning mojo back, and screen time - Andrew Fuller

How to help you tricky kid deal with peer pressure

(book extract resource from 20 May 2020 webinar)

Tips and ideas to support your VCE student in this year like no other

(summary article from 10 August 2020 webinar)

How to get your child’s learning mojo back after this ‘year of fear’, and

Wean your teen off the screen

(summary articles from 12 October 2020 webinar)

Supporting children through the pandemic - Justin Coulson

Guiding children sensitively through tough times

(full video recording from 26 August 2020 webinar)

Resilience for kids during the pandemic - Tim Klein

Helping our kids emerge from this crisis stronger and more resilient

(full video recording from 4 September 2020 webinar)

Virtual childhood and online safety - Caroline Ellen

Virtual childhoods: Keeping our kids safe online

(free downloadable ebook covering topics in 14 September 2020 webinar)

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