Tiny Humans

Natalie Moutafis is the author of our Tiny Humans blog, providing her engaging and insightful take on life with two young children. Natalie is also a project manager at ISV.

My Tiny Humans: First time vs second time

As a second-time mum, Natalie Moutafis is noticing how so many things have changed - and the special things that have remained the same.


My Tiny Humans: To my mother on Mother’s Day

Her Mum used to tell Natalie Moutafis she'd understand one day. Now, she does.


My Tiny Humans: Six things isolation has reminded me

With two tiny humans in the house, isolation is reminding Natalie Moutafis of some important lessons – including children are like puppies, and ‘staying at home’ fun.


My Tiny Humans: amid the anxiety, a time for gratitude, bravery, kindness – and hope

In these anxious times, our Tiny Humans blogger Natalie Moutafis is discovering the positives of her family self-isolating and being together.


My Tiny Humans: Finding inspiration, by the book

Before her Tiny Humans arrived, Natalie Moutafis would devour a novel a week. Now she reads to help her as a parent.


My tiny humans: Explaining the bushfires

Her toddler has seen images from the bushfires on the TV, and wondered about the 'grey' sky. By Natalie Moutafis.


My tiny humans: Christmas edition

During the festive season, Natalie Moutafis is following the advice of Dr Seuss - making sure her children know that Christmas doesn't come from a store.


Travelling, with my tiny humans

Natalie Moutafis and her family threw caution to the wind and headed off on an overseas holiday. Here are her top tips for travelling with tiny humans.