Mental Health

A parent guide to the language of wellbeing

Wellbeing, SEL, mental health are just some terms that our young people are more familiar with than we ever were, writes Lucy Barrat. She explains the differences in this handy glossary.


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The benefits for everyone of building blocks, experts on why we should screen all kids for anxiety, and dads paying it forward.


How to guide your child through Ukraine news on social media

Our teens' social media feeds contain images of tanks, bombs, and war-style propaganda, writes Joanne Orlando. Here's how to help them navigate social media 'news' content while minimising any distress.


How to manage school anxiety: What children and teens need from us

The return to school can mean anxious kids. Karen Young, psychologist and creator of Hey Sigmund, shares ways to help children through school anxiety and open the way for brave.


Parenting with nature in mind

With the holiday season upon us, many parents face the return of screen time battles. But, writes psychologist Megan de Beyer, surrendering to nature might just be what you and your teen need.


Best of the Web: How to raise emotionally intelligent kids, and more

Ways to encourage emotionally intelligent kids, helping children who are scared of needles, and why a little lie at Christmas is okay.


Winning student film challenges parents to look beyond the mask

One of the winning entries in this year's Student Film Festival highlights how teenagers can hide their fear and anxiety from their parents.


Ways to support your teen’s mental health as restrictions ease

Our young people are facing new pressures as we come out of lockdowns and restrictions. Here are nine tips to support them, from Marie Yap, Antony Yorm and Mairead Cardamone-Breen.


Are you still watching? Screen time tips from the eSafety Commissioner

The hit show Squid Game shows the need to check what your child is watching, writes the eSafety Commissioner Julie Inman Grant.