Mental Health

Ways to support your teen’s mental health as restrictions ease

Our young people are facing new pressures as we come out of lockdowns and restrictions. Here are nine tips to support them, from Marie Yap, Antony Yorm and Mairead Cardamone-Breen.


Are you still watching? Screen time tips from the eSafety Commissioner

The hit show Squid Game shows the need to check what your child is watching, writes the eSafety Commissioner Julie Inman Grant.


Back to the classroom: Ideas to help kids adjust after lockdown

Some students might need extra support returning to the classroom after lockdown. Penny Van Bergen and Erin Mackenzie offer five tips for parents to help their children adjust.


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The big influence parents have when it comes to teen drinking, the tremendous young trio behind the COVID data app, and Instagram for kids project put on hold.


Are you Languishing?

Have you found yourself feeling out of whack lately? Feeling flat and ‘blah’?
Well, you’re not alone. This feeling has a name: languishing. Turns out it is the predominant feeling of 2021 as the team from batyr explain.


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Clever ideas to encourage kids to wear masks, a memo to parents struggling with remote learning, and a new virtual travel experience opening windows around the world.


‘This totally sucks!’ Teens, COVID and the Lockdown Lifestyle – tips from Andrew Fuller

Our teenagers have been doing it hard in the pandemic. Leading adolescent psychologist Andrew Fuller offers them some advice and tips on how to get through it.


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A parent tells how allowing kids to swear can improve relationships, what limits you should impose on screen time, and how letting kids roam free helps them become good adult navigators.