Mental Health

Are you Languishing?

Have you found yourself feeling out of whack lately? Feeling flat and ‘blah’?
Well, you’re not alone. This feeling has a name: languishing. Turns out it is the predominant feeling of 2021 as the team from batyr explain.


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Clever ideas to encourage kids to wear masks, a memo to parents struggling with remote learning, and a new virtual travel experience opening windows around the world.


‘This totally sucks!’ Teens, COVID and the Lockdown Lifestyle – tips from Andrew Fuller

Our teenagers have been doing it hard in the pandemic. Leading adolescent psychologist Andrew Fuller offers them some advice and tips on how to get through it.


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What it means to be Man Enough

Our boys and their fathers are fighting a generations-old narrative about expectations of manhood. Natalie Moutafis discovers a new book that allows them to truly believe that they are enough, just as they are.


Top 10 child health problems: What Australian parents think

A recent RCH National Child Health Poll found that excessive screen time was the number one child health concern, with 57 per cent of Australian parents rating it as a big problem.


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The students playing COVID catch-up

With the recent return to remote learning, Peter Hanlon examines the developmental impact 2020 had on particular groups of students.


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NAPLAN can be an anxious time for some children. Helen Schiele offers tips and advice on reassuring and supporting them.