Mental Health

Teen depression: What parents can do to support their teen

Think your teen is depressed? Here, Louise Birrell, Andrew Baillie, Erin Kelly and Maree Teesson share how to get them help and what treatment options may be available.


Helping your child during the current situation in the Middle East

Our young people will likely hear about the unfolding situation in the Middle East either through their social media feeds or overhearing adults. Clinical psychologists Dr Judith Locke and Dr Danielle Einstein share tips on how parents can support their children.


There’s a Bully in My Brain: A book review

Sometimes, our inner voice can become too negative. Natalie Moutafis has found a new picture book that seeks to quiet that self-doubt and encourage more positive thinking.


When your first-born child is your self-appointed 2IC, from Dr Judith Locke

Do you have a bossy first-born, who sees themselves as your deputy in the family? Dr Judith Locke explains why the role of constant helper isn't always great for your child.


Best of the Web: Vaping – what’s happening in schools, and more

Concerning research on vaping and behaviour issues in schools, a new Barbie with Down syndrome, and how a tired mum found the fun in life again.


Helping girls regain their confidence and motivation, from Andrew Fuller

How can we help our girls and young women hurt by the pandemic? Clinical psychologist and family therapist Andrew Fuller explores what's happened in their lives – and how they can recover.


Is your child being bullied? How parents can help

Bullying is not normal behaviour at school and can have long-lasting effects, writes Mandie Shean. She gives strategies for parents to support a child who is a victim of bullying.


Best of the Web: The town banning energy drinks for under 18s, and more

The radical action by a WA town worried about kids and energy drinks, ways we can nurture the teenage brain, and a new program to teach kids to save lives.


Best of the Web: A new approach to help teen problem gaming, and more

A new program to retrain the brains of teenagers who are problem gamers, how Dolly Parton is fostering a love of reading in Australian kids, and ways to avoid after-school silence.