Thriving with Anxiety: Anxious Mums

The challenge of anxiety never tests you more than when you become a mother. In this extract from Anxious Mums, Dr Jodi Richardson explains how anxiety doesn't have to stand in the way of a fulfilling life, and gives five tips to reduce worry.


What our boys are really thinking

The Man Cave works with boys and young men to embrace a healthy masculinity. In Term Three, deep in lockdown, they asked 500 boys a few questions about their lives. The results, detailed here by The Man Cave's Matt Defina, are a must-read for any parent and educator.


Michael Grose: Strategies to help kids beat anxiety in the pandemic

Parenting expert Michael Grose offers ideas to help parents support their children who are experiencing anxiety brought on by the pandemic. It's an opportunity, he says, to help them develop resilience.


Andrew Fuller: How to get your child’s learning mojo back after this ‘year of fear’

The leading adolescent psychologist inspired parents and carers during our latest webinar with his insights and ideas to help reignite our children's passion for learning. He summarises his main points in this article.


Our one-stop guide to family resources on The Parents Website

Looking for learning at home tips, and support for family life and wellbeing? Here's a one-stop guide to all the resources we've published. We'll be adding more as we go.


My amygdala is named Petal: A book review

Kids can do amazing things with the right information. Understanding why anxiety feels the way it does and where the physical symptoms come from are powerful steps in turning it around, writes Natalie Moutafis, in this review of the children's book, Hey Warrior.


Andrew Fuller: Talking to young people about the coronavirus

Many young people will be feeling bewilderment and fear as the coronavirus spreads. Leading psychologist Andrew Fuller offer ideas for parents and adults to support young people, the first of a series over coming weeks.


Andrew Fuller: How to get through a bad day

We all have days when nothing goes right. Leading psychologist Andrew Fuller offers tips on getting through them, part of an occasional series on parent wellbeing.


Five tips to help kids ease back into school

School is about to go back. Are you and your child ready? Here are some suggestions to make the transition easier. By Christine Grove and Kelly-Ann Allen.