Our webinar series for parents and carers, presented by some of the leading experts in raising and educating children are designed as bite-sized sessions, lasting no more than an hour – because we know how hectic family life can be.

If you missed any of our live webinars, there are links below to entire recordings, articles, and resources summarising the main points.

Paul Dillon: Teens, parties, gatherings and alcohol

Missed our webinar with renowned drug and alcohol educator Paul Dillon? He shares his advice and tips for holidays and teen socialising.


Building Resilience in Turbulent Times, from Andrew Fuller

If you missed Andrew Fuller's webinar on building resilience in turbulent times, here's his downloadable tip sheet on how parents can support their children.


Watch Dr Jared Cooney Horvath’s webinar: A tour through the teenage brain

Watch the entire webinar from renowned educational neuroscientist and Harvard graduate Dr Jared Cooney Horvath when he took us on a tour through the teenage brain and gave us tips on how to support our teens


Watch Dr Zali Yager’s webinar on Body Confident Families

In our first of The Parents Website Webinar Series for 2021, Dr Zali Yager gave parents and carers her invaluable guidance on how to help promote positive body image for tweens and teens. Here you can watch the full recording.


Virtual Childhoods: Download your free ebook on keeping kids safe online

Our children are online more than ever, with some experiencing almost virtual childhoods. Parenting educator Caroline Ellen has produced a free ebook, available here, to help guard our young people's online safety.


Wean your teen off the screen: tips from Andrew Fuller

Our teens have been glued to their screens like never before. How can we help get the balance back? Leading adolescent psychologist Andrew Fuller offers some strategies for parents to gently support the process.


Andrew Fuller: How to get your child’s learning mojo back after this ‘year of fear’

The leading adolescent psychologist inspired parents and carers during our latest webinar with his insights and ideas to help reignite our children's passion for learning. He summarises his main points in this article.


Watch Tim Klein’s parent webinar on helping our kids emerge from this crisis stronger and more resilient

In our latest The Parents Website Webinar, educator, therapist and school counsellor Tim Klein challenged our thinking on how we can view the pandemic and explained how our kids can emerge as stronger people. Here, you can watch the full webinar.


Watch Dr Justin Coulson’s webinar on guiding children sensitively through tough times

Popular family and parenting educator Dr Justin Coulson gave parents and carers invaluable ideas and support during The Parents Website Webinar on helping our kids through these tough times. Here, you can watch the full webinar.