Parenting podcasts you should hear

Parenting is a juggle and, at times, a struggle. Here we've updated our list of podcasts for parents to help you, no matter what stage your family is at.


Ways to support your teen’s mental health as restrictions ease

Our young people are facing new pressures as we come out of lockdowns and restrictions. Here are nine tips to support them, from Marie Yap, Antony Yorm and Mairead Cardamone-Breen.


Best of the Web: 4 character strengths that help kids learn, and more

How character traits have a profound influence on learning, why grandmothers are so connected to their grandkids, and busting parenting myths by trying to be like Bluey's Dad.


Are you still watching? Screen time tips from the eSafety Commissioner

The hit show Squid Game shows the need to check what your child is watching, writes the eSafety Commissioner Julie Inman Grant.


The golden rules of gap years

As Year 12 students look forward to 2022, some may be considering a gap year. But, writes Dr Judith Locke, it shouldn't be without some agreed guidelines in place.


The Children in the Pictures: The doco I didn’t want to watch

A powerful and confronting new documentary sheds light on the grim world of online child sexual exploitation. As Natalie Moutafis reports, it's a must-watch for any parent, carer and educator .


Talking to kids about Cleo Smith

The news has been dominated by the disappearance and rescue of Cleo Smith. Here are some resources to help talk to your children about what's happened.


‘Don’t forget the sweets’: A window into the childhood of a future PM

Childhood letters are rare in the historical record, but like those of the young Malcolm Fraser, they provide unique insight into the experience of children, writes Katie Wood.


Best of the Web: How to win back your kids, and more

The best-selling guide to reconnecting with your children, the concerning impact of kids missing PE during lockdown, and the teenage 'pianola man' bringing joy.