Best of the Web: Vale Eric Carle, who gave us The Very Hungry Caterpillar, and more…

Watch Eric Carle read his much-loved children's book, how Pop It fidget toys are helping kids stay calm, and fewer kids attending kindergarten linked to falls in literacy and maths skills.


Best of the Web: Ideas to help if you’re feeling ‘mum guilt’, and more…

Tips to help ease those feelings of 'mum guilt', why kids need a desk at home, and encouraging kids to cook and bake.


How to help your tricky kid deal with peer pressure, from Andrew Fuller

If you missed Andrew Fuller's webinar on kids with tricky behaviours, here's an extract from his Tricky Behaviours book on helping kids navigate the tricky world of peer pressure.


Best of the Web: Watch the ‘Reverse Selfie’ video addressing the pressure on teens for the perfect image, and more…

The video shining a light on the unhealthy pursuit by teens of the perfect image, when a child becomes the family scapegoat, and outcry over Instagram for Kids.


My Tiny Humans: You’ll join in when you’re ready

Surprised that her usually outgoing kinder kid was reluctant to join in at AusKick, Natalie Moutafis found a way to gently encourage him without pressure.


Girls at 10 are the new teens: our interview with Ten-ager author Madonna King

In her new book, Madonna King finds the transition from childhood by girls is happening earlier than ever before. She tells Shane Green what parents need to know.


How to talk with kids about consent: Top 5 strategies for parents

Hundreds of parents and carers joined our recent webinars with Elephant Ed on the topic of consent. Here are their top 5 strategies for parents to start, and continue, the conversation at home.


Free Webinar: Helping our kids through tricky times with Andrew Fuller

Due to overwhelming interest, registrations have now closed for Andrew Fuller's webinar this week on tricky behaviours in kids of all ages.


Is your child worried about NAPLAN? Here are some ideas to help them beat NAPLAN jitters

NAPLAN can be an anxious time for some children. Helen Schiele offers tips and advice on reassuring and supporting them.