Building Resilience in Turbulent Times, from Andrew Fuller

If you missed Andrew Fuller's webinar on building resilience in turbulent times, here's his downloadable tip sheet on how parents can support their children.

Turbulent times call for resilient minds. From COVID-19, the Ukraine invasion and rampant flooding, it’s already been a tough start to 2022. As resilience is being tested, young people in our care are looking for support and guidance.

How might we understand and reduce anxiety for ourselves and our children? How can we engage in conversation about tough times? And how can we create hope and positivity for the future?

If you missed the live webinars with Andrew Fuller, below is the link to download the tip sheet on ‘Building Resilience in Turbulent Times’  that gives a brief overview of ideas on how to talk to young people and each other.

This was a national Independent schools initiative.

Download the Tip Sheet here

About Andrew Fuller

Andrew is a clinical psychologist specialising in the wellbeing of young people and their families.

Stay in touch with Andrew on Facebook, on LinkedIn, through his website and on the My Learning Strengths website

His most recent book is The A-Z of Feelings published by Bad Apple Press.

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