Watch Dr Zali Yager’s webinar on Body Confident Families

In our first of The Parents Website Webinar Series for 2021, Dr Zali Yager gave parents and carers her invaluable guidance on how to help promote positive body image for tweens and teens. Here you can watch the full recording.

Body image is a major issue for young people, as it underpins almost every other physical and mental health issue. As tweens and teens experience changes in their body size, shape, and maturity, it is important that parents support and guide them in order to create a positive home environment and utilise evidence-based resources that can support body confidence and mental health.

In this webinar, Dr Zali Yager provides parents and carers with the background needed in order to guide the development of positive body image in their tweens and teens, and the red flags of which to be aware.

Key Takeaways

  • What is body image, and why is it important for young people?
  • Expectations of pubertal growth
  • Creating a positive body image home environment
  • Resources for young people
  • What to look out for
    • Problematic behaviour for boys
    • Problematic behaviour for girls
  • Conversation starters for parents


Watch the full recording:

Supporting article from Dr Zali Yager

How we can promote positive body image with tweens and teens

About Dr Zali Yager

Dr Zali Yager is an Associate Professor of Health and Physical Education, and the CEO of the Body Confident Collective.

Zali has 16 years’ experience in body image research and the development and evaluation of interventions that might improve body image among children, adolescents, and adults.

The Body Confident Collective (BCC) is a not-for-profit organisation that aims to improve health and wellbeing by promoting evidence-based positive body image content and professional learning programs at the individual, organizational, and cultural level. It works with researchers to communicate the latest evidence and programs from the body image research field to the community.

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