Virtual Childhoods: Download your free ebook on keeping kids safe online

Our children are online more than ever, with some experiencing almost virtual childhoods. Parenting educator Caroline Ellen has produced a free ebook, available here, to help guard our young people's online safety.

We recently hosted Caroline Ellen in our free webinar series where she discussed how to pay close attention to what your kids are doing online, and how to have regular conversations with your child about online safety.

Caroline has now released Virtual Childhoods as a free ebook so every parent, carer and educator can arm themselves with the information to help protect our kids online, and their childhoods.

She writes about the risks our younger kids and teens are facing online, and what we can do about it.

You can download the ebook on the link below.

A note from Caroline about the ebook

A note from Caroline about the content and topics covered in the ebook:

Let me be upfront. Parts of this ebook aren’t going to feel very good. They’re going to feel uncomfortable and challenging. You might find yourself hoping that I’m making some of this up, and you’re probably going to want to stop reading more than once.

I’m not going to beat around the bush. I’m not going to hold back or apologise for the discomfort it creates. If we’re not willing to talk about the hard stuff, we certainly won’t be able to start fixing it.

The truth is that our children are up against it at the moment. There’s serious stuff going on behind closed doors…


Click here to download the free ebook

About Caroline Ellen

Caroline Ellen is a social worker and parenting coach who believes all children deserve a childhood free to play and discover.

Caroline is the founder of Safer Stronger Kids and on a mission to improve children’s physical and emotional safety through stronger parent-child relationships. Combining personal and professional experience, she helps connect parents back to themselves and their children.

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