Natalie Moutafis

My Tiny Humans: Yesterday I was pregnant

Natalie Moutafis shares the sorrow of her pregnancy loss and encourages us to talk more about miscarriage and infertility struggles.


My Tiny Humans: You’ll join in when you’re ready

Surprised that her usually outgoing kinder kid was reluctant to join in at AusKick, Natalie Moutafis found a way to gently encourage him without pressure.


And then there were two: My Tiny Humans

In the Best of The Parents Website series, here's one of our favourites, from our parenting blogger Natalie Moutafis, when a new tiny human arrived.


The call-to-action parents didn’t know they needed

A new book by Dr Susie O'Brien invites parents to relax their standards to 'good enough' and find more joy in the act of parenting, Natalie Moutafis discovers.


My Tiny Humans: I used to…

Becoming a parent was a life-changing moment, but as Natalie Moutafis reflects, it's not merely a moment in time but a continuous change.


How we can raise girls who like themselves

Our girls have more opportunities than ever before, but too many of them don't like themselves, as Natalie Moutafis discovers in a new book on raising girls.


10 handy study apps for high school students

With the beginning of a new school year, parents are looking for ways to help their teenagers manage their workload and study. To help get you started, we've created a list of 10 handy study apps to share with your high school student.


Love Your Brain and it will love you back

We speak to child behaviour expert Chrissie Davies about her first children's picture book on helping parents talk to kids about the importance of understanding their brains. She gives tips on 'brain care', in this Q&A with Natalie Moutafis.


My Tiny Humans: A Christmas Miracle

As the year comes to an end and thoughts turn to Christmas, Natalie Moutafis reflects on how this Christmas, time spent with family is the most joyous gift of all.