The handbooks for High School Success

High school students encounter a range of unique challenges, but a growing series of books is stepping in to provide them with the essential tools for academic success and personal growth.

Recognising the unique challenges high school students face, The High School Success series from Amba Press is a transformative collection of educational resources designed to guide and empower high school students on their academic journey. Covering a wide range of subjects and topics, the series aims to equip students with the tools they need to excel in their studies and beyond.

These real and relevant skills books, written by experienced teachers specifically for high school students, have already made a significant impact. In 2023, Amba Press released eight titles, followed by another eight new titles in 2024. There are a further eight more planned for 2025.

Here, we explore two from the series.

Mindset Handbook: Mastering Your Mind for Success 

This handbook from Lauren Munday explores the mindset and strategies high-performing athletes and businesspeople use. It is set out as an interactive guide featuring quotes, scenarios, and exercises, allowing teens to learn about the influence their mindset has on their daily experiences and goal achievement.

It helps students become more aware of their thinking, planning, and actions and offers tips on tackling challenges, understanding emotions, managing external opinions, and interpreting feedback – all essential life skills.

Lauren draws on her background in secondary teaching, educational leadership, sports coaching, and her personal experience as an athlete to deliver an interactive handbook focused on instilling a ‘can do, will do, did do’ attitude.

Foundation Study Skills for High School Students: Unlocking the 8 Superhabits of Study

Aimed at high school students in years 7 to 9, Foundational Study Skills for High School Students reveals the eight superhabits of study that will maximise learning impact and elevate performance.

Experienced teacher and author Scott Francis delves into a range of high-performance learning strategies, and while he doesn’t promise it will come easy, he does suggest that students who take the time to learn about these eight habits, try them out, and work them into their routine, will likely get more out of their study time and become more efficient.

Scott is a high school teacher and author specialising in business, legal studies, and mathematics. With a Master of Education, he has held various roles in schools and is well-placed to guide students who want to make the most of their study time.

About the series

The first 16 books in The High School Success series are available to purchase from Amba Press.

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