Watch a new explainer video on how our schools are funded

A new video that explains the way non-government schools are funded will contribute to the public discussion, writes ISV's Chief Executive Michelle Green.

The public discussion about funding of non-government schools by the Commonwealth is often characterised by misinformation. While both the Coalition and Labor have no plans for fundamental change to the way non-government schools are funded, the discussion will almost certainly be part of the upcoming federal election campaign.

Independent Schools Victoria has produced an informative short video that sets out clearly how the current funding model works.

Of course, the starting point is that parents contribute the majority of schools’ income through the fees they pay, with the remainder coming from federal and state governments.

Our video explains the way the Commonwealth determines how much funding a school gets, under the new funding system based on the capacity of a school community to contribute. The video is a useful and factual contribution to the school funding discussion.