There’s a Bully in My Brain: A book review

Sometimes, our inner voice can become too negative. Natalie Moutafis has found a new picture book that seeks to quiet that self-doubt and encourage more positive thinking.

It’s well known among my parent friends that I adore a great children’s book, more so when it has a meaningful message, even better if it happens to rhyme.

There’s a Bully in my Brain is a newly released children’s picture book written by Lauren Thompson, who is not only a support teacher but also a mother of three. The book beautifully portrays the experience of recognising negative self-talk and how it affects us.

The story depicts negative thinking as a ‘bully in the brain’. The first part of the story delves into the various manifestations of negativity and self-criticism in children, accompanied by dark and gloomy illustrations.

As the story continues, the young girl protagonist starts standing up to the bully and changing her thought process. This positive shift is reflected in the illustrations, which become brighter and more cheerful, and her self-talk becomes optimistic.

This book is straightforward enough that my kindergarten kid was happy to sit through the whole story, but also captivating enough that my primary school kid could reflect on the language and imagery – sparking conversations about how we can have more of a growth mindset and the impact of positive affirmations.

There’s a Bully in my Brain is best suited for ages 4+, and I’m sure it will help many grown-ups too.

About the book

This is part of our series of reviews of children’s books, both new and released in recent times.

There’s a Bully in my Brain by Lauren Thomspon, illustrated by Kayla Lee, is published by Little Steps, and retails for $16.95.

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