So you want to be… a Social Media Coordinator

In the next instalment of our new career series, 'So you want to be...', we speak with ISV's social media coordinator Lauren Finadri.

We’re aiming to share some varied careers with you to discuss with the young people in your life who are beginning to think about the careers they’d like to pursue.

In this next instalment, Natalie Moutafis speaks with Lauren Finadri about how she came to be a Social Media Coordinator at Independent Schools Victoria.

When did you know you wanted this career?

I think I always knew I wanted to be in the media space. I developed a passion for social media at the age of 18 when it was one of my core subjects at university in my Media and Communications course. After the first class, I pitched working as a social media intern to a local business and got the job.

Did you choose subjects in high school to aid you in this career path?

I chose subjects I had an interest in — I’m a big believer in choosing subjects you have a passion for, not just for the high study score you might get at the end of it.

Media Studies was the closest subject to align with my career path. It taught me how to analyse different forms of media, map out content ideas and more.

Did you undertake further education (University, TAFE, on-the-job training etc.) for this career?

Yes, I went to La Trobe University and completed a Bachelor of Media and Communications, majoring in Media Studies. This allowed me to experience all things media and comms related. From journalism and writing, PR, TV, radio and of course, social media. The course allowed me to find my area of passion but also gave me the opportunity to learn a broad range of skills that I often use in my role today.

What do you love about your career?

I love that I get to constantly brainstorm ideas for creating content, work in a space that is constantly growing (there is always something new to learn in this industry) and I can help to create a community online. Social media is in almost every workplace, and the opportunities are endless.

What do you wish you knew about your career before you started?

You will view social media very differently when you are working in it. Outside of work hours, you look at posts with a different lens, analyse other people’s data and become hyperaware of everything you see online.

Any advice to students contemplating this as a career path?

When I was contemplating social media as a career path, at the time social media was pretty much just Facebook and Instagram. Now, it’s TikTok, Instagram, Snapchat, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and more…The list of platforms will forever grow and change, and you need to be across it all.

Social media is everywhere, and it is becoming an important role across all organisations. Social media isn’t just about posting cool content, it involves analysing data and having the constant goal to stay ahead. It is competitive, but it is so exciting.

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