Play it Fair Online: Safer Internet Day 2022

Safer Internet Day is 8 February 2022, aimed at raising online safety awareness at home, school, work and in the community. Here are some simple tips for online safety from the eSafety Commissioner.

With so much of our time spent online, it has never been more important to promote the safe use of technology, build digital skills and help all Australians have safer, more positive experiences online.

The Safer Internet Day campaign raises awareness about online safety for people of all ages and takes place in 170 countries.

The eSafety Commissioner (eSafety) is the official coordinator of the global Safer Internet Day effort in Australia. This year the theme is #PlayitFairOnline. You can find out more about the day and how to get involved.

eSafety provides resources and support to all Australians to help them to stay safe online. Here are their seven simple actions that all families can put into practice to #PlayitFairOnline this year.

7 actions to Play it Fair Online

Be respectful
Consider others when you are online. There is no place for abuse, hate or discrimination in any aspect of life.

Be kind
Be a positive role model. Treat people with respect, kindness and understanding online.

Be resilient
Don’t let a bad experience online get you down. Stay strong and get the right support, you can bounce back as soon as you are ready.

Be prepared to ask for help
Everyone needs support. Reach out to friends, family and eSafety if something goes wrong online.

Be safe
To stay happy and healthy, avoid situations that pose risks to yourself or others online.

Be responsible
Respect others online. Think about how your actions may affect other people.

Be an upstander
You can help others when they experience abuse online by showing support and speaking up – if it’s safe to do so.

Additional resources

You can report abuse to the eSafety commissioner here.

Additional support is available at:

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