My Tiny Humans: the Lockdown Diaries 2.0 – best of friends

Amid all the restrictions on life, Natalie Moutafis is watching a beautiful friendship emerge between her Tiny Humans.

Here we go again, locked down in Melbourne under stage 3 restrictions for the second time.  Our suburb started earlier being a hotspot, and honestly, it’s felt much harder this time around. The novelty has well and truly waned.

But I’m witnessing something special. My kids are becoming best friends right before my eyes and I’m feeling all the feels.

Don’t get me wrong, lockdown 2.0 has us all in very close quarters again, and as my daughter is quickly moving out of babyhood and into toddlerhood, her independence is growing, and she is starting to stand up for herself.

This results in the occasional tiff over a toy that she had that her big brother decided he must have then and there – because at 3.5 years old he is not yet capable of effectively sharing or she might stomp her little foot when she’s frustrated at not being able to communicate her needs so that we all understand.

But often when I’ve stepped away to attend to work or other life matters, something a little magical happens.

They play.


My daily dose of positivity

My son might give his little sister a toy car, treasured possessions here, and show her how to ‘vrrroooommmm’ it around his imaginary city.

Or my daughter might toddle over to her brother, arms outstretched, requesting a cuddle to which he’ll happily comply.

Or when my son takes his beloved Teddy bear back off his sister inadvertently upsetting her, he quickly dashes around to find her plush Piggy to make her feel better.

Or, and this is the best yet, finding his sister sitting in an empty box, he tells her to hold on and proceeds to push her around the apartment at speed – both squealing in delight and laughing hysterically at and with each other.

It’s these moments that I realise perhaps lockdown 2.0 isn’t all bad.

Sure, it is and will be mentally tough on us as we navigate the situation again. The requests to visit the playground or friends for a playdate or wondering when we can visit our grandparent’s interstate again are heartbreaking because you feel you are always saying ‘no, not yet’.

But to see them find each other, and to know that more and more they will have moments like these is so beautiful to me as their mum.

It’s my daily dose of positivity and while I hope in years to come, they won’t remember these lockdown days, I take comfort in knowing I was here to witness their friendship grow firsthand and for that I’m grateful, locked down or not.

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About Natalie Moutafis

Natalie Moutafis is the author of our Tiny Humans blog, providing her engaging and insightful take on life with two young children. Natalie is also a project manager at ISV.