Lamingtons, Lego and inspiring others: Kids in Lockdown, part two

What will young people remember about the past few months, and what advice do they have for a second wave? We asked a group of kids from around the world to talk about their experiences. Watch the video here, the second in a two-part series of Kids in Lockdown.

After our first experience of lockdown, Independent School Victoria staff reached out to kids they know around the world, asking them to share their experiences.

Young people from Australia, the United Kingdom, and Argentina offered their insights. In our first video, they talked about the fun things they did. 

They enjoyed spending time with their families, baking, exercising, time with pets and having more free time. They liked sleeping in and even finishing schoolwork early.

In this second video, they talk about what they’ll remember.

One family moved to a new house during lockdown.

Another embarked on a project to build new veggie boxes in the garden.

One young person discovered the joys of making lamingtons and jelly cakes.

A family painted inspirational messages on rocks and placed them around their neighbourhood.

Another teenager shared the story of her birthday experience in lockdown – ‘blowing’ out birthday candles on a screen. 

Our young people also gave their tips on what to do with a return to lockdown, such as keeping yourself entertained, and staying on top of your school work – timely advice as many of us are back staying safe at home.

Watch the video below, and be sure to also watch the first instalment: Dress ups, virtual sleepovers and a four-legged friend: Kids in Lockdown