Best of the Web: Why we all needed Some Good News

How John Krasinski's Some Good News brought joy to our lives, why kids need forts more than ever, Bill Gates gives his book and TV show recommendations, and a podcast with tips on fussy eaters.

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Pure joy: Watch John Krasinski's Some Good News final episode, at least for now

(John Krasinski, Some Good News)

The lockdown has produced some inspiring expressions of the resilience of the human spirit. Some Good News, the at-home YouTube news show created by actor/filmmaker John Krasinski, brought people from around the world together, where they shared the good news in their lives and communities. The show, which was ‘entirely dedicated to good news’,  included a virtual wedding and a virtual prom, and brought together big names and everyday people. As the show goes into hiatus, watch the video below for some truly good news and a reaffirmation of what’s good about us. Viewer warning: tears may flow.

Why kids love building forts – and why experts say they might need them more than ever

(Susan C. Margolin, The Washington Post)

Kids building forts are a staple of childhood, but in these days when we have spent more time at home, they have become even more important as a place of sanctuary and imagination. Blankets over chairs, cushions and cardboard boxes have become semi-permanent structures in many households. As a child psychologist explains, ‘Fort-building can help kids process this unnerving new reality on their own terms – through imagination and most importantly, control.’

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Bill Gates' best books and other things to do at home

(Bill Gates, GatesNotes)

Business legend and philanthropist Bill Gates writes that most of his conversations and meetings these days are about COVID-19 and stemming the tide. He’s also regularly asked about what he’s reading or watching, because people want to learn more about the pandemic – or are seeking an all important distraction. So he’s put together a collection of titles, and TV shows. His choices are often eclectic, and offer a fascinating insight into Gates. The list includes The Rosie Trilogy, by Australian novelist Graeme Simsion.

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Fussy Eaters – Maggie Dent podcast

(Maggie Dent, Parental as Anything, ABC)

The challenge of the fussy eater can be exhausting. In this latest episode of her podcast, parenting expert Maggie Dent dives into what is often a stressful world for families. You can hear the defeated tone in the voices of parents as they describe the roller coaster ride of their children’s food choices – or lack of them. Help is at hand. The guests for this podcast are the well-known chef Adam Liaw and Nutrition Australia’s Leanne Elliston, who discuss healthy food ideas for kids and tips for dealing with a fussy eater.


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