World Teachers’ Day: 10 easy ways to say thanks

Teachers (with support from parents and carers) have ensured education continues across the country this year, despite major challenges. World Teachers' Day is the day when children and parents can show their appreciation.

World Teachers’ Day is celebrated internationally in early October.  As it falls during the school holidays for many parts of Australia we celebrate a little later on Friday 29 October 2021. It’s a great chance to thank teachers.

Here the Australian Institute for Teaching and School Leadership (AITSL) share 10 easy ways to thank a teacher on World Teachers’ Day.

These ideas, together with their free downloadable World Teachers’ Day Celebration Kit, make it super easy for parents and children to thank a teacher.

10 ways to thank a teacher

1. Thank you note/drawing
A short note, email or drawing from you or your child will be sure to make any teacher smile. Try thinking of something the teacher might have done recently to make it more personal.

2. Personalised card
A personalised card/digital card is another easy and thoughtful way to say thanks. The Celebration Kit includes World Teachers’ Day thank you cards to decorate and add your note to.

3. Badges
Check out the badge templates in the Celebration Kit. Print out and create a badge for the day. Or if your child is learning remotely, use them as virtual stickers to copy into the online learning space for a virtual and easy thank you on the day.

4. Small gift ideas
Chocolates, tea, or even a packet of native plant seeds are popular small gifts for teachers. Use the gift tags in the Celebration Kit to add a personal touch. If your school’s teachers are teaching remotely, maybe a coffee voucher from a local business (it will help the local business too).

5. Get involved with school celebrations
Ask the school leadership team or other parents/carers if there’s anything being planned for the day. You might be able to help organise a morning tea, or some thank you messages for teachers. Or perhaps propose some ideas if nothing is planned.

6. Show your support on social
The Celebration Kit has graphics for Facebook and Twitter. Tag other parents/carers online and encourage them to show their support.

7. Share with other parents/carers, friends and colleagues
Spread the word either in person or on social media. Use the posters in the Celebration Kit to promote the day in your office, or if you’re working remotely, use the World Teachers’ Day virtual meeting background in the lead-up to World Teachers’ Day.

8. Post a photo in your sunglasses
Thank teachers by posting a photo in your sunglasses using #BrightFuture and @aitsl. The Celebration Kit includes fun sunglasses templates you can make with your kids or visit for our virtual photo booth. We’ll even provide the mask and sunglasses as props in the booth!

9. Give a virtual ‘happy’ apple
We’re aiming to share a million virtual apples with teachers to let them know they’re appreciated. Visit to add some virtual apples to our collection as a super easy way to say thanks.

10. Join the celebrations on the day
Join the celebrations by saying thanks to teachers on the day. Tag and follow #BrightFuture and @aitsl if you post on Twitter or Facebook and you’ll be part of all the action.

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AITSL provides national leadership for the Australian State and Territories in promoting excellence in the profession of teaching and school leadership.

We thank AITSL for allowing us to repost this article, which originally appeared via their World Teachers Day website here.

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