Welcome to The Parents’ Website of Independent Schools Victoria

By Michelle Green, Chief Executive, Independent Schools Victoria

Welcome to The Parents’ Website of Independent Schools Victoria (ISV).

In keeping with the refreshed design of the main ISV website, we have taken a new approach to the coverage of the issues that matter to the parents of our more than 200 Member Schools.

The aim is to provide relevant content to the Independent school parent community – a combination of useful information, news and thought-provoking features.

In this issue, we look at why schools on the Bushfire At-Risk Register are required to close when a Code Red fire danger day is declared, and the procedures that are followed to ensure the safety of students, staff, parents and visitors.

Psychologist Andrew Fuller, who specialises in the wellbeing of young people and their families,  provides advice on supporting students doing VCE.  As Andrew notes, when you have a student doing Years 11 and 12, everyone in the family is doing years 11 and 12.

Deakin University’s Dr Lisa Barrett talks about her research showing how modern lifestyles are causing Australian children to miss out on basic movement skills. The consequences can have lifelong health effects.

While there are new features, popular elements from the previous website continue. These includes links to help you find your Member of Parliament, information about Independent schools and how to take action.

The Parents’ Website will also draw on the informative material that Independent schools provide to their parent communities to help them support their students and navigate school life.

Photo: Working bee at Erasmus School