Parenting podcasts you should hear

Are you a parent or carer facing your next parenting challenge? If you haven't yet discovered parenting podcasts, we've created this list as a great starting point. These podcasts are loaded with practical tips and often a much-needed laugh, or cry!

Parenting can be a minefield and many parents look to experts and experienced parents for advice and reassurance. Not all parents have time, or the energy, to read books and articles, so we’ve rounded up some of the best podcasts for you.

Listen on your daily walk or run, in the car or while grocery shopping.  These might help you find ways to deal with different ages and stages that your children are at, some even providing comic relief while letting you know you’re never alone in this parenting world.

Compiled by Natalie Moutafis.

Parental as Anything
Presented by one of Australia’s pre-eminent and much-loved parenting authors and educators, Maggie Dent, this podcast gives you tips and answers to your real-world parenting problems.

The Dad Kit
Sean Szeps hosts this weekly podcast speaking to well-known Australian Dads to unpack some of the knotty cultural ideas we have about fathers.

Too Peas in a Podcast
Mandy and Kate started this podcast for parents of multiples with disabilities and additional needs, parenting on the road less travelled.

The BBC-produced podcast is for parents everywhere.  Covering topics from raising babies through to teenagers, they focus on evidence-based answers, from all over the world.

Gotta Be Done – The Bluey Podcast
Two Melbourne mums obsessed with ABC TV’s Bluey, deconstruct the episodes and how it relates to parenting in the real world.

Happy Families
Psychologist and author Dr Justin Coulson provides expert advice and simple strategies to help you make your family happier.

Dad in Progress
A five-part series aimed at men who are fresh to fatherhood about the challenges and life changes of new dad life.

From American author and Resources for Infant Educarers (RIE) parenting expert, Janet Lansbury, this podcast is particularly helpful for parents in the throws of baby and toddlerhood.

TiLT Parenting
Hosted by parenting activist and author Debbie Reber this podcast is aimed at inspiring, informing and supporting parents (and educators) raising differently wired kids (giftedness, ADHS, Asperger’s, learning differences, anxiety and more).

The Longest Shortest Time
The award-winning show is about the surprises and absurdities of raising other humans – and being raised by them.

Parenting in a Pandemic
Hosted by founder of the Triple P Parenting Program, this podcast helps you steer your household through these uncharted waters.

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