Parents speak out against the tax on learning

Parents of Independent schools are voicing their strong opposition to the Victorian Government imposing payroll tax on their schools, describing in a series of videos the impact it will have on their families and communities.

Independent school parents are speaking out against the Victorian Government’s decision to impose payroll tax – a tax on learning – on Victorian non-government schools.

Watch the videos below to find out what parents are saying.

Shani Martin, parent at Lowther Hall Anglican Grammar School

Lowther Hall parent Shani Martin’s daughter Aria was born with a disability.

The early intervention that Lowther Hall Anglican Grammar School provides has been integral to her learning.

But Shani and her husband are already at full working capacity. 

‘If the payroll tax is introduced and passed on to parents, it’s definitely going to impact us significantly. Unfortunately, we wouldn’t be able to provide this kind of learning environment for Aria.’

Tamara Nolan, parent at Aitken College

Aitken College parent Tamara Nolan explains what impact the tax on learning will have on her family.

‘It will be a tax on learning for my children and it will also be a tax on families,’  says Tamara.

‘With everything going up in price and mortgage rates increasing, it’s just not the right time for the government to be introducing a payroll tax.

‘Aitken College is a real community school and if that starts to change because people can’t afford to send their children to school because of the introduction of the payroll tax, it will be a real shame for the local community.’

Rashmi, parent at Presbyterian Ladies' College

Presbyterian Ladies’ College parent Rashmi explains how and he and his wife work hard to make sure they can support their kids through Independent schooling.

‘Unlike the public perception that only rich people send their kids to Independent schools, that’s not the case for us…We know many parents who are in similar positions.’

Rashmi says imposing payroll tax will have a huge impact if passed on to parents.

How to voice your concern

Independent Schools Victoria is strongly opposing the tax, announced without any consultation in the May State Budget.

Independent schools, which are not-for profit operations, have been exempt from payroll tax for decades, in recognition of their long-standing contribution to the community.

Click on the link below to visit ISV’s Scrap the Tax campaign page, which includes a form to contact your local Member of Parliament.

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scrap the tax on learning
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