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Students at Christ Church Grammar School are jumping for joy - and a great cause - over their fund raising to help fight heart disease.

When the children of Christ Church Grammar School jump rope, it’s much more than exercise and fun.

The South Yarra school is one of Australia’s leading fundraisers for the Heart Foundation’s Jump Rope for Heart, which raises money to fight heart disease.

The school was in the event’s top 10 in Australia for fundraising last year, raising more than $13,000.

This year, the school has already raised more than $15,200 – and has a student who is the number one individual fundraiser.

Year 3 student Jasper, aged 9, (pictured above) has already raised $5445. There’s a strong family connection for Jasper, with his grandmother suffering from a heart condition.

The school also has another student in the top 10. Year 4 student Roscoe, aged 10, is at number six, having raised an impressive $1504.

The tremendous work of the school community was recently featured in the Herald Sun, which has kindly let us use this lovely photograph by Jason Edwards of Jasper jumping rope with his classmates.

Heart Foundation Victoria CEO Kellie-Ann Jolly thanked students of Christ Church Grammar School for their amazing efforts to help fight heart disease.

‘Not only are students from Christ Church Grammar School looking after their own hearts by skipping and being active, but they are also supporting the hearts of every Victorian by raising funds to help the Heart Foundation continue its life-saving work,’ says Ms Jolly.

‘For 35 years, our Jump Rope for Heart program has encouraged Aussie kids to lead active, social and healthy lives. Through taking part in this program, we hope students are inspired to carry these skills and healthy habits into adulthood.’

‘Physical activity is one of the easiest ways to improve your health and at least 30 minutes of physical activity can reduce your risk of heart disease by 35 per cent.’

Skipping Encourages Healthy Habits

Skipping is an important part of the physical education program at the school, which is this year celebrating its 120th anniversary.

The program educates children about the body’s reaction to exercise, and the importance of having a healthy heart and being physically active.

The children learn individual skipping tricks and team skipping skills in the long rope. Last year, the school ran the program for years 2 to 6 only, but this year broadened it to Prep to Year 6. Some 300 children have taken part.

The program concludes with Jump Off Day – a House skipping competition – where children rotate through different skipping activities, depending on their age group, using the long ropes and individual rope activities.

‘Jump Rope for Heart teaches our kids that being active is rewarding, fun and encourages them to adopt healthy habits for life,’ says Jessica Close, Christ Church Grammar School’s Head of PE, Sport and Health.

Jump Rope for Heart began in 1983, and is regarded as Australia’s most popular physical activity and fundraising program in schools.

More than 300,000 students, in more than 1300 schools, take part each year, supported by more than 500,000 sponsors  comprising families, friends and members of local school communities.

You can find out more by visiting the Jump Rope for Heart website.

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