Best of the Web: Males drinking during adolescence linked to riskier drinking later, a heart-warming dad and daughter tweet, and more

A new study finds a link between teen males drinking before the legal age of 18 and later problems, a moving dad and daughter tribute goes viral, and letting students study the way that works for them.

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Australian males drinking during adolescence linked to riskier drinking later

(Ten to Men, Australian Institute of Family Studies)

There’s new research from the Australian Institute of Family Studies that reinforces the health message about the dangers of under-age drinking.

The institute’s latest Ten to Men report on male health estimated about four in 10 15 to 17-year-olds had consumed alcohol in the past year. About 40 per cent of that group engaged in binge drinking.

Drinking before 18 was linked to more frequent alcohol use in early adulthood. Almost half of adolescent drinkers had gone on to drink alcohol at moderate-to-high-risk levels in early adulthood – compared to just 20 per cent who had not been drinking.

‘It is important that parents and adolescents understand that avoiding alcohol until adulthood is best to prevent harmful habits forming early,’ said Anne Hollonds, Director of AIFS.

You might also find interesting Andrew Fuller’s article, 10 reasons why your teen shouldn’t drink.

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How it started: Belfast dad and daughter tweet goes viral

(Mark Simpson, BBC News)

It’s the post on Twitter that has warmed hearts around the world, at a time when we need it most. Belfast dad Ciarán Shannon shared pictures of him and his daughter Niamh at various stages of her academic life – starting school, finishing school, and graduating.

The photos were taken in the same spot in the same pose, and have gone viral, attracting about a million likes.

‘It’s like watching the electric meter when the tumble dryer is on,’ said Ciarán of the growing number of fans.

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Questioning your child’s study methods? Keep this in mind

(Siobhán Doran-Chaston, The Age)

As we approach the exam season, it’s heads down for study. As parents watch on and offer support, they may be wondering about the study techniques adopted by their teen.

Listening to music? Chewing gum? A block of 20 minutes of study, not two hours?

This article canvasses some expert views, and the consensus is that parents should relax: there’s no one size fits all. If something works for a student, so be it.

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