Best of the Web: Frank Woodley’s story time tips for Dads, and more on being a father

Frank Woodley shows Dads how to put the oomph into story time in a fun video, the importance of raising courageous kids, and finding your sense of purpose as a father.

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Best of the Web: Frank Woodley's story time tips for Dads

Reading stories to your children is one of the great joys of being a parent. Frank Woodley, the much-loved comedian and author, takes it to a new level with a fun instructional video recorded for Father’s Day.

He reads a selection of Puffin books to show how Dads can use sound effects, voices, silly characters and actions to really bring the story to life.

It’s just over five minutes of fun, worth watching not only for the ideas, but for the way Frank obviously enjoys himself as he throws himself into reading the stories at Woodley levels of enthusiasm.

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Raising courageous children

(Griffin Longley, Nature Play WA)

This is a touching story about fatherhood, and more. The author begins by telling us of the box he has kept for 22 years, full of Father’s Day cards, two added each year.

In a reflection on what it is to be a parent, a word comes to mind: courage. It’s an out-of-favour word, the author notes, compared to say, resilience. The two have things in common, but are different.

How can we raise courageous children? Begin with becoming a courageous parent.

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What is your purpose as a father?

(Jeremy Adam Smith, Greater Good Magazine)

Raising children puts huge stresses upon us, and demands sacrifices.

What can help fathers weather this? A sense of purpose – long-term, meaningful goals as fathers. It makes for happier, healthier and stronger dads.

If your are looking for your purpose as a father, there are some suggested pathways you can explore.

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