And Then There Were Two: My Tiny Humans

There is a new tiny human in their home, writes Natalie Moutafis. She tells how she is soaking up the precious moments.

I write this while the newest tiny human in our household is peacefully sleeping. She joined our family some 10 weeks ago and it’s like she was never not here.

The older tiny human is still living his best life at childcare, running amok and causing his educators to yet again ask him to ‘slow down’.

I’m feeling like that’s what I want to do too – slow down, freeze these moments.

Our baby girl was as much longed for and hoped for as our son.  Our son is an IVF success after many long years of tears, hope and prayers, needles and injections, surgeries, scans and the like. This sweet little girl sleeping so soundly next to me we thought would be the same, and almost was. But she became our rainbow baby after the loss we experienced prior due to an ectopic pregnancy.

Because of that, because of the struggles we endured to add to our family, I just want to stop and soak up all the beautiful moments as we adjust to having two tiny humans in the house.

Yes, it’s hard, oh so very hard, to go from one tiny human to two – but I also feel like it’s perfectly right. I don’t mind the cries, or the multiple overnight wake ups. I don’t mind the nappy changes or wondering what I can do to help settle her. I love watching the bigger tiny human be ever so gentle as he tries his best to comfort her when she’s crying or unsettled. The love he has for her, that seemed to be instant upon bringing her home from the hospital, makes my heart swell.

I wasn’t sure how I would share my heart and love with another child, but it’s not about sharing, my heart just grew bigger.  I love these tiny humans equally and with as much love for one as I do the other.

I hope one day they read this and know that they were always longed for and wanted and that we adore them.

For now, though, I’m going to continue to soak up these precious moments and hope that the world turns a little more slowly to allow me the chance to make the most of it because they are only tiny for such a short while.

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