10 handy study apps for high school students

With the beginning of a new school year, parents are looking for ways to help their teenagers manage their workload and study. To help get you started, we've created a list of 10 handy study apps to share with your high school student.

Juggling the workload that comes with being a secondary school student doesn’t come easily to everyone.

With homework, study, assessment and exams dates, sport and extra-curricular activities – and possibly even that first job – it can sometimes feel overwhelming trying to keep to a schedule.

These apps might not suit everyone, but hopefully you and your teen can find something to help ease the mental load of trying to remember what’s due when or where they need to be on Thursdays at 4pm and be set for a productive year ahead.

Compiled by Natalie Moutafis

This app helps you stay off your phone and stay focused on your study (or work – a good one for parents too!).

Chegg Prepp
Make your own free study flashcards (or use those already made by peers).

A homework management app to help keep on top of assignments, projects and tests.

My Study Life
This free cross-platform planner app helps manage timetables, assignments and more.

Study help online – check to see if your school has registered for free access.

This free app allows you to create mind maps to help plan assessments and study.

Study Music Memory Booster
A free music app to help you focus on your study.

Ergo Skills
Study, research and essay writing skill tips from the State Library of Victoria.

Smiling Mind 
This free app helps you take study breaks and make time for mindfulness.

Don’t forget the power of pen-to-paper and a month-long planner or white board for an at-a-glance option – a better idea for some students, and a back up to the digital side of things.

And finally, remind your teen to ask their teachers for help and guidance on getting organised. Teachers want their students to succeed so a student who is willing to stop and ask for help is taking another step towards success.

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