Is your child worried about NAPLAN? Here’s how you can beat NAPLAN jitters

NAPLAN can be an anxious time for some children. Dr Helen Schiele offers tips and advice on reassuring and supporting them.

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What are ‘multiplication facts’? Why are they essential to your child’s success in maths?

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No more BMI, diets or ‘bad’ foods: why changing how we teach kids about weight and nutrition is long overdue

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The place of consequences in positive discipline

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How a mum’s advice in high school continues to guide as an adult, the four things for a healthy, affordable lunchbox, and the power of guided play in education.


How to make sure pocket money teaches your kids financial skills

When should you start? How much should you give? Robyn McCormack writes that however you structure pocket money in your family, it is important to consider it an opportunity to learn about finances.


2024 Webinars for parents and carers, from eSafety

Learn how to support your children to have safe online experiences in a free live webinar from the eSafety Commissioner.