World Environment Day: Our list of great resources for kids and families

It's World Environment Day on Friday 5 June, with the theme of biodiversity. We've put together a list of online resources to help your kids connect with the environment.

The 20th anniversary of World Environment Day is this today, Friday 5 June 2020.  The theme this year is biodiversity and millions of people will be celebrating digitally, worldwide.

If you are looking for ways to encourage your kids to learn and engage with the environment around them, then World Environment Day is a great way to start the conversation.

You could keep it simple by planting a tree or herbs in your backyard with your child, cleaning up your local nature reserve or beach or starting a household worm farm or compost system.

Our list on online resources

If you are looking for more ideas to keep a curious mind engaged, here’s some resources that you can use at home or in the classroom:

Earth School by TedEd
Thirty days’ worth of adventures, or quests, to help celebrate and understand the natural world, while learning how we are dependent on our planet.
Learn about hidden plastics and take the pledge to reduce usage.

Nature for All Discovery Zone
A wide range of videos, lesson plans, comics, colouring-in activities and more to help everyone connect with nature.

Anatomy of Action
Have you ever wondered if the things you do everyday can make a difference? Discover the five key areas of impact that anyone anywhere can take to make a positive impact.

Penguin Books Activities
Informative and fun activity sheets based on the books Be Plastic Clever, Under Your Feet and What a Waste.

Books to Inspire
A book list from Penguin that celebrate nature’s wonders and puts the spotlight on biodiversity for all age groups.

Compiled by Natalie Moutafis.

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