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How children can make friends, accepting messy teenage rooms and learning in the supermarket – our selection of thought-provoking and useful articles from around the web on educating and raising children.

Ten Simple Ways to Make Friends

(Taku Scrutton, ABC Splash)

We know that having good friends is important part of wellbeing, but it isn’t always easy making them. What can children do if they are struggling to make friends? Taku Scrutton, a Zimbabwe-born speaker and author based in Perth, offers some great suggestions to share with your child, beginning with the simple, ‘Smile and say hello’.

Let Children do what they want with their own Bedrooms

(Tim Lott, The Guardian)

It’s the parental command that echoes around the family home ignored: ‘Tidy your room!’ But are parents just wasting breath and energy?  In this counter-intuitive and amusing column, Tim Lott says it’s hard to argue against, ‘It’s my room – what’s your problem?’  Maybe just let them wallow in it.

Recording the Sound of my Child’s Voice

(Jeanne Bonner, The New York Times)

In the age of parents constantly capturing images of their children on smartphones, Jeanne Bonner takes a different approach to recording her son’s progress. She records her son’s words in her notebook, on her phone and laptop – the ‘linguistic shooting star of early speech’. This is a poignant and personal reflection on capturing the moments in your child’s development.

How to Spark Learning Everywhere Kids Go – Starting with the Supermarket

(Anya Kamentz, nprEd )

Children thinking that milk comes from the supermarket is an old truism. But what if the supermarket was part of the education process? This article looks at how posters around supermarkets are prompting opportunities to learn: Where does milk come from? What else comes from a cow?  Signs such as these in supermarkets around Philadelphia prompted a one-third increase in conversations between parents and children under eight.