The Man Cave: the Making of Better Young Men

The support of the Royal family has gained an international profile for Melbourne's The Man Cave and its mission to help boys and young men embrace a healthy masculinity. Shane Green speaks with co-founder Hunter Johnson.


Learning How to Learn: it Starts with Knowing Yourself

Michael Noonan talks about the research Independent Schools Victoria is conducting into metacognition and learning, and how a program such as this would have helped his 15-year-old self see himself and the world more clearly.


My Tiny Human: Toilet Talk

The time had come for the Tiny Human to be toilet trained, writes Natalie Moutafis. Her number one tip? Do not attempt when pregnant.


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Coding classes for mums and daughters, don't just blame social media, paying kids to learn, and how to deal with a child's anger.


Technoference: the Habit Parents should Drop

Is your child competing for attention with your mobile phone? Here are seven tips to reduce screen time and increase family time, from Sheri Madigan, Thomas Browne and Rachel Eirich


Do your Kids a Favour – Make them Walk

Driving children to and from school has created a 'backseat generation' that is missing out on vital exercise.


Best of the Web: Improving father-daughter connections, and more…

Improving connections between dads and their daughters, teaching self-compassion to kids, setting positive goals in Year 12, and more.